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IAHV Arts4Peace SKY Schools

During this fourth World Culture Festival (WCF ’23) on the National Mall in Washington, DC (Sept.29-Oct.1,’23), all art submitted will be displayed digitally. It is  NOT a contest, it is a celebration of assembled visions of peace by youth and adult artists (including photography, 3-D art, dancers, musicians, poets, all the arts). Works may be selected for a digital slideshow shown at partnering museums and galleries around the world. Please share this with your network. 

After uploading your image on your Facebook page, add  #arts4peace2023 #OneWorldFamily #worldculturefest2023

Ownership: Note that professional artists will retain all rights of ownership for sale and display for their art.  In our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for Professional Artists, you will read the full details.

Let's Get Started!

We are thrilled to see your Art submission for the first ever Arts4Peace campaign. Before you move on to the official submission form, we need to verify you are not a robot. We appreciate you taking this extra step in helping us secure our website and our participants Arts.

Before entering your art, make sure to have a high resolution photo of your art to upload.

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