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Bring SKY Schools Arts4Peace Workshops to your school

Our curriculum offers Arts, SEL and Breathwork workshops for teachers and students grades 3-12 in developmentally appropriate and experiential sessions.  Adults and youth will learn to better regulate their emotions and to express their uniqueness through creativity.


​Arts4Peace workshops are part of the SKY Schools Stress Busters Series.  These workshops can be stacked and sequenced for an adult professional development series or a classroom experience for students.  


Our Arts4Peace creativity and wellness workshops offer:

  • Self-confidence, resilience and self-mastery

  • Breathwork tools to overcome challenges

  • Games, team activities and interactive processes

  • Expert teaching by certified SKY Schools facilitators 


By incorporating the arts into your classroom, you can easily bring social-emotional learning (SEL) and breathwork tools to your students. Art projects, such as painting, drawing, and sculpting, can encourage mindfulness and focus, while also promoting expression and communication. Additionally, incorporating breathwork exercises, such as deep breathing or alternate nostril breathing, during arts activities can aid in calming and regulating emotions.


By combining the creative process with these mindful practices, students can develop important social-emotional skills while exploring their creativity.

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Stay connected with our artists and their latest submissions on Instagram! Follow our profile to get a glimpse of their projects. From painters and sculptors to dancers and singers, we showcase a diverse range of talents and styles. Whether you're looking for inspiration or just love to support up-and-coming artists, our Instagram is the perfect place to discover new talent.So what are you waiting for?


Want to learn more about our SEL and Breathwork Curriculum? Do you want to bring Arts4Peace to your school?

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